Capacity:       55AH

Warranty:     55 Months

With Exchange(Same AH): Rs. 5300 /-

Without Exchange: Rs. 6260 /-





Capacity:       55AH

Warranty:     55 Months

With Exchange(Same AH): Rs. 5300 /-

Without Exchange: Rs. 6260 /-


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Exide & Amaron Daewoo Nexia Car Batteries on Best Prices

Daewoo Nexia Car Battery in Noida

Daewoo Nexia Cars comes with 12 volts company fitted battery any of the reputed indian brands like Exide, Amaron, Tata Green or others. Daewoo Nexia Car bttery plays very important role in its electrical sensors and automatic functions, so it must be in good health at all the times for smooth driving experience. After 2-3 years battery for Daewoo Nexia must be checked with authorised dealer like Surya Power Solutions in Noida to acess its health status and replace if required to avoid mid-way troubles. As the times comes to replace the Daewoo Nexia car battery then lots of questions comes to mind like which brand, capacity, model of battery would be best for our premium Daewoo Nexia car in Noida.

We Surya Power Solutions are always available for you to assist for replacement of Daewoo Nexia Car Battery in Noida and answer all your queries related to brand, warranties and others along with best discount deals for you. We are authorised dealers for Exide and Amaron battery for Daewoo Nexia car in Noida and have sufficient company trained technicians for Daewoo Nexia car battery installations. No need to worry at all just contact us at 9810310985, 9810310992, 9810310995 or buy online.

Find all the battery specs, Brand, Capacity, Price, Warranty and others for DAEWOO NEXIA Car here below:-

Battery Brand Battery Capacity Battery Model Warranty Price Range
Exide Mileage 55 Ah DIN 55 18 to 55 months 5500 to 6800
Amaron Flo 55 Ah DIN 55 18 to 55 months 5500 to 6800

WHY To Buy Daewoo Nexia Car Battery from us ?


Surya Power Solutions is a partner and service provider for Daewoo Nexia Car Batteries of all leading brands like Exide, Amaron, Tata Green, Luminous and others. We ensure 100% transparency during the right selection of battery for your Daewoo Nexia Car as well as clarify its all warranties, life and maintenance requirements. Our Experts are always available to answer your all queries.

We deals in Daewoo Nexia car batteries of all leading brands and specialise in Car Battery for more than 22 years.
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All our battery supplies has a manufacturer’s warrantees up to 66 months.

Surya Power Solutions is one of the best price store for Daewoo Nexia Car in Noida. We ensure best prices for Daewoo Nexia Car battery and offers good discounts for exchange of your old car batteries.

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We have expert team of technicians to install battery in Daewoo Nexia Car
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We enssure all seven days service support for your Daewoo Nexia car battery.

Surya Power Solutions ensures all your confort related to Daewoo Nexia car battery. We are always available for you with best of our team to support for after sales services even in odd hours.

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We are authorised to replace your Daewoo Nexia car battery under warranty and no need to go any service center or others.
We offers free maintenance or other support for battery of Daewoo Nexia Car.
Best Car Battery Service Team in Noida

Frequently Asked Questions

Daewoo Nexia car comes with company fitted battery of any leading brand and needs its replacement on an average of 3 years. Exide and Amaron are the battery best brands for Daewoo Nexia cars.

Both Exide and Amaron are the best leading Indian brands for Daewoo Nexia Car and provide all India service support through their atuhorized dealers and service centres. Surya Power Solution is the best battery dealer for Exide and Amaron for Daewoo Nexia car in Noida. You can select by comparing warranty and price of Exide vs Amaron battery for Daewoo Nexia Car in Noida.

Exide and Amaron batteries comes with 18 to 66 months warranty for Daewoo Nexia Car. We must compare warranty with prices and ask the maximum warranty battery models for Daewoo Nexia Car. Both battery brands provide hassle free replacement under warranty through their dealers and service centers.

Surya Power Solutions is an authorised partner for Exide and Amaron Battery for Daewoo Nexia Car. Having more than 22 years experience with technically qualified engineers to replace Daewoo Nexia Car batteries.

We must check the specifications of existing Daewoo Nexia car battery and replace with the same dimensions and capacity battery comparing warranties on different available brands and prices accordingly.

Surya Power Solutions offers free delivery and installation of Daewoo Nexia Car battery in all industrial and residential sectors of Noida like Dadri Road, Garhi, Golf course Metro station, Greater Noida West, Hazipur, Noida sector 18 Metro station, Pusta Road, Sadarpur, Sarafabad, Sector 28, Sector 29, Sector 30, Sector 32, Sector 34, Sector 34 Pocket C, Sector 37, Sector 44, Sector 45, Sector 46, Sector 46 Block B, Sector 47, Sector 49, Sector 50, Sector 50 Block A, Sector 50 Block E, Sector 50 Block F, Sector 1, Sector 10, Sector 100, Sector 100 Block A, Sector 104, Sector 105, Sector 107, Sector 108, Sector 110, Sector 113, Sector 117, Sector 118, Sector 119, Sector 120, Sector 121, Sector 128, Sector 129, Sector 131, Sector 133, Sector 134, Sector 135, Sector 137, Sector 143, Sector 143 B Sector 143A, Sector 150, Sector 151, Sector 16, Sector 168, Sector 21, Sector 25, Sector 51, Sector 51 Block A, Sector 52, Sector 52 Block D, Sector 53, Sector 61, Sector 61 Block A, Sector 61Block E, Sector 62, Sector 62 Block B, Sector 62 Phase 2, Sector 70, Sector 71, Sector 73, Hosiery Complex, KendriyaVihar, National Highway 24, Noida City centre Metro, Noida Extension Block A-D, Noida Greater Noida Expressway, Noida sector 15 Metro station, Noida sector 16 Metro station, Sector 74, Sector 75, Sector 76, Sector 77, Sector 78, Sector 79, Sector 82, Sector 93, Sector 93A, Sector 93B, Sector 94, Sector 99, Silver City, Sultanpur, Taj Expressway, VivekVihar, Wave City Center and others.

Surya Power Solutions is the best battery store for Daewoo Nexia car in Noida providing immediate free of cost replacement of battery as per guidelines of Exide or Amaron. One can visit Showroom of Surya Power Solutions or call them 9810310995 or logon www.suryapowersolutions.com for warranty support at any time and day.

Many other problems can cause a Daewoo Nexia car starting issues, so you need to do some troubleshooting first like its fuel and electricals. Surya Power Solutions experts always available for you to get your Daewoo Nexia car battery free check up at your doorsteps.

Now a days most of Exide & Amaron batteries for Daewoo Nexia cars are maintenance free type and does not require any regular maintenance. Still it is suggested to get the battery electrolyte checked one in 6 months for Daewoo Nexia Car and keep its terminal clean and waxed.

Normally Daewoo Nexia car batteries need not requires charging as these are automatically gets charged when vehicle is in start mode until unless there is any fault in alternator of our Daewoo Nexia car or any light or switch left open then car battery may gets discharged and needs recharging.

Yes of course it may discounted at the time of purchase of Daewoo Nexia cat's new battery for approx. Rs.1000/. It must be ensure that Daewoo Nexia old car battery given to authorised car battery seller only.

Each car comes with standard battery and their details available in their service booklet also. It must be ensured that the replacement battery must be of same size, capacity and specifications to avoid any malfunctioning of electrical system of Daewoo Nexia Car. Just contact with our expert today to assist you for the right specifications for Daewoo Nexia car battery in Noida.

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